Uber Casino slot-machine Mastering Slot Games: Strategies Xplained

What are the basics of slot games?

At its basic level, slot games are the easiest casino game to play. There are a few standard controls to know. Set the bet amount, click ‘Spin’, and wait until the reels display at least 3 identical symbols. And if a winning combo lands, the game awards you with coin credits or even a jackpot. The simplicity of the game-play and the promise of exciting themes and jackpots make online slots a favorite game for many.

However beneath its simplicity are some details and terminology that can be difficult to understand. Such as (Symbols, RTP and Pay-tables). You know that in online slots, you can win by matching identical symbols (Payline). The Pay-Table will provide an explanation on how you will win and with what symbols, and is essential reading before playing any slot game.

The age old question is Gambling a game of chance or a game of skill?

And which category do casino slots games fit into? What we can say with certainty is that with Slots, the element of skill or chance is based on the probability element, of random reel combinations.

Many people believe that each online slot machine is programmed to issue a certain percentage of winning spins. This is a myth. Every spin is random and independent of the previous spin. While different machines have different odds (RTP), this does not mean that some machines are luckier.

For all slot players there is an important distinction to make between playing easier, simpler, less costly 3 and 5 wheel video slots. Such as Book of Ra Deluxe or Karate Pig or more advanced, complex and expensive Progressive slot games. Think of the high flying, high paying Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods & Beach life.

What are the common characteristics of slot games?

Video Slots:

Uber Casino multiline_slots Mastering Slot Games: Strategies Xplained  The vast majority of the online slots machines today are Video Slots. Video Slots began with five pay-lines. The number of pay-lines was increased over time. Some of the standard pay-lines configurations are 5, 9, 15, 20, 25 & 243. In Video Slots the pay-lines zigzag across the reels in a manner defined in the slots rules.

A five reel Video Slots with three rows across the reels will have 243 Ways to Win, such as Microgamings The Dark knight Rises & Thunderstruck II. If there are four rows of symbols then there will be 1024 Ways to Win.

Video Slots use symbols, background graphics, and bonus games within themes like ancient civilization Gonzo’s Quest.

Uber Casino slots-free-spins1 Mastering Slot Games: Strategies Xplained

Free Spins:

This feature is activated when a specified combination of symbols appears on the reels. Usually the combination is three or more scatter symbols. In the Free Spins feature the player gets a specified number of free spins for which they do not wager any stake.

The Bonus Feature:

The majority of Video Slots offer one bonus round, however due to the popularity of slots with this feature, more and more Video Slots offer two or more independently triggered bonus rounds.

Uber Casino Slot-Themes Mastering Slot Games: Strategies Xplained

Slot Game Themes:

Each and every slot game is based on a theme. Traditional slots had a fruit based theme and became known as Fruities or Fruit Machines. As graphics and technology have improved, so video slot games offer more elaborate themes. The differences between one slot game and another can be very little or be completely different. But in general software providers keep new slot games similar enough in feel and function for existing slot players to be able to move from game to game.

The themes and different functions are there to allow features such as (free spins & Bonuses). Which combine to make playing slots more enjoyable. Never forget, playing is meant to be fun. Keep it that way!