Dracula Slot Machine Review

This is by no means the 1st slot game to be based on a mythical figure. Or the 1st to use the infamous Dracula title. NetEnt have produced several other slot games with similar genres, such as Frankenstein and Blood Suckers.

This slot machine is as expected in today’s world a Video slot with 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines.  It comes with a free spins bonus round and a special bonus feature, with bats transforming random symbols.

If you get 20 bats, the reels will fill entirely with bats. Graphically amazing, Dracula offers brilliant entertainment and a top jackpot of 80,000 coins!



Uber Casino dracula_pg Dracula Slot: Embrace Darkness


Dracula Slot Machine RTP

NetEnt is notorious for releasing slots with a mid to high Return to Player (RTP) percentage. Dracula slot has a decent 96.58%, which is pretty good, considering the coin range and number of paylines on offer.

Dracula is a low to medium variance slot with frequent small wins in the base game and a lot more frequent in the free spins feature. However, if you’re looking for higher volatility from NetEnt, you should try Blood Suckers.

Uber Casino Dracula-paytable Dracula Slot: Embrace Darkness


Dracula Theme

This particular version of Dracula is based on the 1931 vampire horror film which was loosely based on the Bram Stoker Dracula Novel. And since it was published in 1879, has since become a worldwide sensation. Inspiring several different films, TV series, numerous books, countless documentaries as well as tons of commercial spin offs, 1 of which is this slot game!

NetEnt partnered with Universal Studios to create this game, producing fantastic animated scenes. Such as a lady rushing through cobbled Victorian streets, chased by a horde of bats. Only to find herself in a dark alleyway only to be confronted by Dracula! All with great 3D graphics and sound effects.

Dracula Slot Game Play

NetEnt are renowned for offering a coin range to suit all levels of players, from beginner to keen enthusiast. Dracula does not disappoint and is playable from just €0.01 a spin to as much as €200 a spin, playing all paylines.  

Dracula is a little different layout wise to other NetEnt slots but, as usual and as expected, the graphics, animations and sound effects are superb. With Dracula to the left of the reels with amazing graphics and soundtrack.

Bat Feature

The game has a fun and exciting Bat feature, Free Spins feature, stacked symbols, stacked wilds and normal wilds.

In the base game, the Bat feature can be triggered randomly. Here players will see an animated clip of bats flying over the reels in a cluster formation transforming all the bats into the same random symbol including the wild. This can lead to big wins especially if the symbols are high value ones.

Dracula slot machine has a maximum jackpot win of up to 80,000 coins.

Uber Casino Dracular-symbols Dracula Slot: Embrace Darkness


Dracula Slot Machine Symbols, Wild & Scatter

The level of graphics in this game are of the highest quality, and this quality is evident in the symbols. The wild symbol is represented by a ‘W’ in blood red, and when it appears on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels in the base game, substitutes for all other symbols, plus there is a stacked Wild which can appear anywhere on the 3rd reel in the free spins feature which also substitutes for all other symbols.

In addition to this there are stacked versions of Dracula and a lady. There is also an older lady holding a dog, a bearded drunk, a young boy, with the rest of the symbols being made up of the card A, K, Q and J symbols, all n Gothic style.

Uber Casino Dracula-free-spins Dracula Slot: Embrace Darkness


Dracula Free Spins Bonus Game

The Free Spins Bonus Game feature is triggered when the stacked Dracula symbol appears on the 2nd reel and the stacked Lady symbol appears on the 4th reel simultaneously. You will then be rewarded with 10 free spins.

Uber Casino Dracular-bats Dracula Slot: Embrace Darkness


Animated Bats

There is an animated scene of a colony of bats descending onto the reels in a cluster for each of the free spins, as the bats fly onto the reels they transform the symbols into the same random symbol. If you are lucky enough and the symbols substitute for wilds there can be huge wins.

If 20 bats swoop onto the reels, the reels will be filled completely with bats! You are also rewarded with 2 extra free spins when the stacked wild symbol appears on the middle reels.

Dracula Slot Machine Conclusion

There are just so many positives to take from this excellent slot game by NetEnt. There is the clever collaboration with Universal Studios, offering the animated scenes. Combined with top of the range 3 graphics and sound effects putting Dracula in a league of its own. With the symbols showing the characters from the film, making it even more authentic.

Even though the format is a little unusual, the Bat feature and the free spins bonus game, offer endless entertainment. Add the maximum jackpot win of 80,000 coins and this game is set to be as timeless as Dracula himself!

Release Date
Desktop, Mobile
Game Type
Video Slot
Horro, Vampire
Free Spins, Bat Feature, Wilds, Multipliers
Max Win
80,000 coins
Popular Casinos
Widely recognized as a classic 
No direct sequels, but inspired other vampire-themed slots


Uber Casino faq Dracula Slot: Embrace Darkness

Dracula FAQ

Does Dracula Have Free Spins?

   Yes, Dracula offers free spins as part of its exciting gameplay. Trigger the right combinations to unlock this thrilling feature and boost your winnings.

What Is The RTP of Dracula?

   Dracula has a competitive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.58%, providing a fair chance for players. Check the specific casino’s information for the exact RTP percentage.

Do You Have Any Tips or Cheats?

     While there are no cheats for Dracula, strategic tips can enhance your gameplay. Manage your budget wisely, understand the paytable, and play responsibly for an enjoyable experience.

Can I Play Dracula on Mobile?

   Certainly! Dracula is optimized for mobile play, allowing you to enjoy the game on the go. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, experience the excitement of Dracula anytime, anywhere.


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