Uber Casino bonus-300x117 Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

Because of the very nature of the internet, there are no physical limitations to prevent you from visiting one casino or another. So in order to attract new customers, and keep existing ones from migrating, Online casinos have introduced a variety of bonuses.

With all Bonuses, keep in mind the overall package and evaluate the overall pluses such as extending your playtime and increase your betting power and the minuses, wagering requirements, cashable or sticky bonus, and so on.

The most common type of bonus is the Sign Up Bonus, which comes in many forms and variations, but as often as not, means that casinos usually offer from 50% to 100% bonus on your first deposit. In other words the casino will double your bet on your first deposit after you have signed up. As with all promotions there are terms and conditions (T&C’s) attached, so its important to read them first.

The online casino business is highly competitive nowadays. Different casinos and betting websites are always trying to attract more new customers and turn them into returning players.

While different casinos employ different strategies, there are a certain number of standard promotions offered by almost all online casinos. The most common form of bonuses are:


Uber Casino sign_up Types of Casino Bonuses

Sign Up Bonus

Also known as Welcome Bonus or Match Bonus, a bonus given upon registration and deposit at a casino for the first time. The oldest and most common form of Online Casino Bonuses, with lots of variations and  wagering requirements. Read More


Uber Casino reload-bonus-150x139 Types of Casino Bonuses

Reload Bonus:

Often attached to the sign up bonus. The Reload Bonus is a further series of deposit bonuses with wagering requirements on the deposit and bonus. (Read More)

Uber Casino cashable-bonus-150x150 Types of Casino Bonuses  Cashable bonus:

A percentage match bonus with wagering requirements, which once met means you are allowed to withdraw your winnings. (Read More)



Uber Casino sticky-bonus-150x150 Types of Casino Bonuses

Sticky Bonus:

Most of the times this is a Non Cashable bonus, and is more of a loan than anything else. There are several variations of this bonus, but ultimately it allows you to play longer, but you cannot always cash it in. (Read More)

Uber Casino free-spins-2-150x150 Types of Casino Bonuses

Free spins bonus:

Unleash the thrill with the captivating Free Spins Bonus! Elevate your gaming experience as each spin unfolds a world of excitement, all without spending a penny. Click now to delve into the exclusive benefits and discover why Free Spins Bonuses are the key to unlocking unparalleled joy in online gaming. Often combined with the Sign Up Bonus, players are given a quantity free spins, to be used on selected  slot games. (Read More)

Uber Casino no_deposit_bonus-150x125 Types of Casino Bonuses

No deposit casino bonuses

Unlock a world of gaming thrills without spending a cent – that’s the magic of the No Deposit Bonus. Dive into limitless excitement as you explore online casinos risk-free. Click now to discover how this exclusive offer opens doors to a realm where the thrill begins with no initial investment.

A No Deposit Bonus is a promotional offer by online casinos, granting players a chance to explore games without requiring any initial deposit. It’s a risk-free entry, allowing users to test the platform before committing financially. Variations include free cash bonuses, providing a specific amount to play with, and free spins, offering turns on selected slot games. Some platforms offer time-limited bonuses, giving players a window to use the perks. No Deposit Bonuses often come with wagering requirements, necessitating a certain amount of play before withdrawal. These incentives are diverse, creating an enticing landscape for players seeking immersive online casino experiences.

No deposit bonuses come in the form of cash back and free spins. (Read More)

Uber Casino T-n-Cs-150x150 Types of Casino Bonuses

Understand the Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions (T&C’s)

There are a huge number of Bonus derivatives offered by casinos. Knowing the difference between what they are called is basic but important.

The details and conditions that apply to each type of bonus is harder but you need to familiarize yourself with the most important points; How much do you have to pay in to release the payout! (Click here to read more about T&C’s)

But by understanding the difference between the bonuses and their various derivatives, will enable you to make an informed decision about whether that particular offer suits you.

Casino bonuses are in effect contracts, so one of the most important casino bonus tips is to read the terms and conditions of every single bonus that you are considering to use for your gaming session.

The casinos will present these terms to you, and the ones who are serious will do so in a way that make them easy to understand and will have trained their customer support teams in case of need for clarification.


Uber Casino slot-symbols-150x150 Types of Casino Bonuses

Understanding Bonus Symbols

Another important part of a positive casino experience is understanding the main features of the games you are playing. Although slot games keep evolving and software companies keep trying to create new types and styles of slot machines, there are some ‘standard’ symbols that generally have the same functions. These are: The wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Multiplier Symbol & the Bonus Symbol.